Why Consline

The Consline Customer Voice Monitoring Services reveal insights based on real customer statements, identified from all relevant sources in the web, reviewed and evaluated by native speaking professionals and provided in a customizable structure on the in-house developed Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS).

Complete        Precise       User-Friendly       Customized



Identification  of all relevant content - more than 95% guaranteed:

Consline wants to be assessed based on results. As the only monitoring provider we guarantee to identify and process 95% of all relevant content - of course based on relevance criteria of our client. Depending on our clients' wishes we take both external (online forums, social media) and internal (customer/ employee portals) into consideration.

Content in original language and correct translation:

Our approach is worldwide, therefore we employ native speaking experts for any country requested. Any message is delivered in original language and the correct translation.



Separation of messages in statements:

Messages often contain different statements, for example one comment on the design of a product and another one concerning its function. We split these messages and evaluate any statement.

Categorization of statements including tonality and relevance:

All relevant messages are categorized by native speaking experts and rated concerning tonality and relevance. Thus, we are able to recognize e.g. irony.



Web-based system-solution with intuitive, multi-language user interface:

The Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) provides all messages and statements 24/7. The web-based cockpit-solution is - thanks to multi-language interface and intuitive handling - ready for multi-national corporations

Rights and roles system to map brand, production and sales structures:

Due to a flexible rights and roles system, corporate structures can be mapped in the Consline Intelligence Management System. Visibilities and system functionalities are based on customer-specific criteria.Thus, different brands, complex production networks or sales organizations can be mirrored.

Extensive tools for analysis down to comparison of components or production facilities:

The analysis functions help to structure data online, in order to generate diagrams and data-tables easily within the system - also for immediate export for further applications.



Better results due to in-depth industry knowledge:

Based on 16 years of experience in monitoring for a variety of industries, Consline secures highest quality in results.

Native speakers ensure highest quality levels worldwide:

With its international team, Consline can provide the same high quality standards for all countries worldwide. Besides the processing of content by native speakers we also ensure competent contact persons for international service provision.