Versions & Prices

The following table shows the main differences and features of the current version of the Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) as well as the prices for the versions Professional, Business and Enterprise. Individual services e.g. for interface connections are calculated on the basis of the respective specific requirements.

The demo version is available free of charge for 3 month.

Demo VersionProfessionalBusinessEnterprise

CIMS Setup

Number of CIMS Modules113individually
Number of users1510individually
Individual logo
Differentiated rights/roles management
Individual site navigation

Source Connection

Configurable Excel upload/mapping tool
API data/internet sourcesindividuallyindividuallyindividually

Category/Source Manager

Setup/editing of hierarchical categories/sources
Differentiation between tagging/rating categories

Case Editor

Setup/editing of cases
Upload of files (text, image, video, audio)
Highlighting of categorized content
Manual/automatic translation
AI suggestions for categorization

Case Viewer

Show translation
Alerts with individual criteria
Export of cases


Configuration of individual multi-dashboards
Zoom/drill-in function
Export of charts/tables
Dashboard sharing


Individual status/comments
Automatic audit status for quality control
Case sharing per mail

Cross-CIMS Analyses

Comparisons/benchmarking across several CIMS
Mapping tool for category merging


Online training / webinars / hotline
License Term / Price p.a. (€ net)3 month / free of charge1 year / 1,800.-individuallyindividually
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