General terms and conditions Consline AG


1. General terms and conditions

1.1 Consline AG is a service company that provides consulting and research. Consline supports management decisions related to e.g.:

Creating new business units
Information about competitors or possible partners for cooperation
Identification and evaluation of new products or technologies
Decisions regarding the position of the company
Research on Internet content, services and functionality
Evaluation of Target groups, marketing concepts or sales channels

1.2 Therefore the content of the contract is the research and the delivery of information and the consulting of the company on the basis of the results of the research. The type of services that will be provided by Consline depends on the specific contract with the customer.

2. Contracting and subscription contracts

The contract is binding when the customer accepts the offer made by Consline. In case of an online-order the sending of the online form by the customer is a not a binding request of an offer. When the Consline offer is signed by the customer and send back to Consline, the order is confirmed and binding.

Subscription service contracts become effective with the order confirmation by Consline AG. Consline AG may change or discontinue subscription services at any time. In case of the termination of subscription services, Consline will refund overpayments to the subscriber.

3. Services, payment and settlement date

Information about the services offered by Consline AG can be obtained on the internet pages of Consline. The bills send by Consline AG are payable without deductions after reception.

4. Liability

4.1.  Consline AG takes no responsibility for consequences of management decisions based on informations send by Consline AG.

4.2. While Consline AG takes the greatest possible care when choosing information sources and publishing its findings, the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of data drawn from third-party information sources and research results can not be guaranteed. Information in form of news articles is partially based on publications of news agencies. It is possible that information exists that could not be found during our research. Please note that errors and omissions remain the sole responsibility of the third-party information providers. All published information mentioned above is carefully monitored for quality; however, Consline AG takes no responsibility for consequences of management decisions based on the services provided including conclusions, forecasts and summaries.

4.3.  For further details see our German Version, which in any case contains the binding terms of business.

5. Availability

5.1.  Usually the Consline system is available 24 hours a day. Consline remains the rights to modify the hours of availability.

5.2.  With the exception of the most drastic violations Consline AG takes no responsibility for any system failures caused by the use of Consline system.

6. Deadlines

Consline AG will strive to fulfill deadlines given by the client, but cannot guarantee these deadlines. Something else is only binding if Consline AG sends a written confirmation of the deadline date.

7. Use of the research results

The research results send by Consline AG are for the sole use of the customer. Multiplication or publication in any form is not allowed.

8. Saving of data

According to § 33 Bundesdatenschutzgesetz Consline AG states that customer relevant data is being saved and processed only in the Consline system.

Consline AG guarantees that the German laws about protection of the individual against infringement of its rights through storage of computerized data will be obeyed. The customer gives his consent to the storage of his data.

9. Privacy

Consline AG guarantees not to give any customer relevant data to third parties, except if it is necessary for the fulfillment of the conract.

10. Other terms

10.1. The customer is not allowed to cede any rights derived from his contract with Consline AG.

10.2. The contract contains all agreements. Changes need to be documented in writing.

10.3. If one term is legally invalid the legal validation of the other terms is not changed. The contracting parties are obliged to replace legally invalid terms with a term that is legally valid and comes closest to the content of the invalid term.

10.4. The contract is subject to the laws of the Federal Repulic of Germany. The contract must be fulfilled at the headquarters of Consline AG.

10.5. The responsible court is the court responsible for the headquarter of Consline AG.

10.6. In any case the German Version of the general terms and conditions of Consline AG is binding.

Updated 22.07.2020

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