Product Observation (Product Monitoring)
The legal obligation to product observation also applies to the monitoring of online content regarding the state-of-the-art of science and technology as well as product performance on the market (Klindt/Wende: Rechtliche Stellungnahme – Produktbeobachtungspflicht und Web-Monitoring, München 2016). The unique quality of Consline’s monitoring is in line with the legal requirements of a reliable product observation.
Product Launch Monitoring
With Product Launch Monitoring, Consline discovers weaknesses and strengths of new products as soon as in the critical introduction phase – and based on direct customer reactions. Thus, the need for rework or rectification can be identified immediately and costly product recalls or service measures in the field can be reduced. Quality cost saved exceed the monitoring cost by far.
Social Media Monitoring
While typical social media monitoring tools only generate sniplets containing predefined keywords, the Consline approach reaches much further: Based on a complete set of sources, Consline also identifies new subjects for which keywords do not exist yet. Additionally, all messages are captured in their entirety, translated, broken down into single statements, categorized and evaluated with the correct tonality and relevance – always based on customer-specific criteria. Thus, Consline ensures a reliable social media monitoring with relevant and usable results.
Media Research
In addition to social media monitoring of user-generated content (UGC), media research captures editorial content in online and offline media. All content and formats (text, images, videos) can be filtered, analyzed and diagramed in the Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS). Besides the original messages, Consline also provides translations and summaries done by native speakers.
With benchmarking, companies learn from the best – even from other industry sectors. Within the competitive environment, benchmarking supports a better positioning on the market and the improvement of products and services. By additionally analyzing customer voices on the web, Consline extends the benchmarking approach far beyond conventional methods and thus ensures authenticity and relevance of the results.
Virtual Product Clinics
Complex products and services push conventional product clinics to their limits. However, customers do write about their requirements and experiences under real-life conditions on the web. Consline Virtual Product Clinics make these experiences systematically usable for the definition of targets for successful products. For example, a car manufacturer was able to optimize the architecture and functionality of its driver assistance systems compared to its competitors and introduce real innovations.

Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS


All services offered by Consline AG are based on a combination of web-based systems and skilled staff. The Consline Intelligende Management System (CIMS) provides the platform for the integration of all subsytems and the user-friendly backend interface for our employees as well as our customers frontend. Please find more information on the CIMS here.