Online Food Shopping: Amazon increases Customer Satisfaction from 37% to 78% – Competitors fall behind


Munich, 24.04.2012: Amazon has been able to significantly increase customer satisfaction since launching its online food shop: The opinions of Social Media Users were largely positive (78%) in March and April 2012. Shortly after the launch in July 2010 only 37% of the users rated the service positively.

The reason for this dramatic improvement is the successful establishing of Amazon in specific areas such as dietary products and Dietary supplements. Shortly after the launch many users rated the whole offer and complained particularly about trouble with packaging and delivery of fresh products.

Competitors such as Froodies and Gourmondo only achieve 46% and 42% positive ratings respectively. Froodies’ customers particularly complained about the slow shop relaunch. Other online-providers such as Edeka24 and are hardly discussed online – which according to Consline often means that there is little interest in the offers.

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