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The Association of German Market and Social Researchers (BVM) brings together about 300 Experts and Executives from the fields of market research, marketing, advertising and communication in its annual Congress. In his presentation “Using real customer experiences for the development of E-cars: How can people and AI work together?” Consline Executive Officer Dr. Dirk Schachtner will explain how online customer opinions can be used for product development and at which steps the use of AI is advisable.

Consline Executive Officer Dr. Dirk Schachtner highlights the importance of customer opinions at the CTI Automotive Diagnostics

At the CTI Automotive Diagnostics on the 19th and 20th of March automotive diagnostics experts met to discuss the latest trends, like automatization, connectivity and e-mobility. Consline executive officer Dr. Dirk Schachtner highlighted in his presentation “Customer Voice Monitoring: Quality from a Driver`s Seat Perspective” how customer opinions can be used for important management decisions and for the reduction of quality cost as well as the improvement of service measures.

Consline CEO Dr. Heinz val Deelen presents at the

The annual Warranty Chain Management Conference in Orlando, Florida brings together experts and executives in warranty management. The event focuses on new ideas, methods and tools for quality management but the organizers also intent to further strengthen warranty management as a discipline. Consline CEO Dr. Heinz van Deelen highlighted in his presentation how a precise monitoring of customer opinions can lower warranty and quality cost as well as support goodwill decisions.

Consline Executive Officer Dr. Dirk Scachtner explains Customer Voice Monitoring at the Technical Congress 2019

On 14th and 15th of March executives of the automotive industry met at the Technical Congress hosted by the VDA (German Automotive Association) in Berlin to discuss the future industry challenges. In front of participants from industry, politics, the public and the press keynotes and panel discussions by i.e. VW, Daimler and ZF highlighted aspects such as connectivity and automation, environmentally friendly vehicles and traffic safety. Consline again was sponsor and exhibitor this year and thanks every visitor of the booth for the constructive conversations, suggestions and ideas.

Cosnline Executive Officer Dr. Dirk Schachtner presents Product Monitoring online at the Qualität 2019

At the Qualität 2019 (Quality 2019) in Düsseldorf quality managers from various industries met to discuss the future of quality management. At his roundtable “Product monitoring online: What are the key factors?” Consline Executive Officer Dr. Dirk Schachtner presented how a precise monitoring of customer opinions supports product monitoring and gives valuable feedback for quality management. Consline AG thanks all participants of the conference for the constructive and stimulating talks during the roundtable and at the booth.

A keynote at the Automobilwoche Konferenz

Decision makers of the automotive industry meet at the Automobilwoche Konferenz, a conference hosted annually by the German trade magazine Automobilwoche. In keeping with its motto “Smart Data Smart Car” the conference is all about digitalization in the automotive market. Keynotes were given by BMW, Daimler, Heycar and Infineon.