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Debate at Ludwig Erhard heute

“Luwig Erhard heute” is a series of events hosted by the Bavarian minister of economic affairs Ilse Aigner. On 27th July she invited Germany’s former minister of finance, Dr. Theo Waigel and the president of the “Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e.V.” to have a debate about stability in Europe. The general question was: Which measures have to be taken to ensure growth and prosperity in Europe. The debate was moderated by publisher Dr. Wolfram Weimer.

Artificial Intelligence

Based on its constantly developed technology and specific methodology, German company Consline AG has made a breakthrough in automated recognition of relevant posts. The basis are Deep Learning techniques of Artificial Intelligence (Naive Bayes, SVM, SGD), which, like the human mind, can improve their performance in distinguishing relevant and irrelevant through exemplary learning.

Read the full press release: Social Media Monitoring: Consline AG makes a breakthrough in Automated Relevance Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

Automotive News Europe Congress in Barcelona

Decision makers and executives of the automotive industry met at the Automotive News Europe Congress in Barcelona at the 20th and 21st June. In numerous panels and discussions the participants from OEMs, suppliers and service providers had the opportunity to exchange ideas about the latest trends in the industry. Speakers included executives from SEAT, Land Rover, BMW, Toyota, Ford, PSA and Italdesign.

A keynote at the Atomobil Elektronik Kongress

Despite its size and internationality its organizers call it the „Family-Congress of Automotive Electronics“: The 21st International Congress on Advances in the Automotive Electronics brings the top players in the automotive industry, such as BMW, Daimler, Hella, NVIDIA, Robert Bosch, Samsung and Volkswagen, together. This year the congress focuses on the current trends in the industry: Autonomous driving, connectivity, digitalization and software as well as electromobility 2.0.

4th annual automotive warranties in Munich

Automotive Warranty Management Conference, Munich 16.-17.05.2017: Consline CEO Dr. Heinz van Deelen will participate in panel discussion “Social media and the next generation customer”. Every year this conference brings together the key players in the automotive warranty value chain including OEM´s, suppliers, dealers and service providers. More details see at here.

Dr. Dirk Schachtner at the bvik

Munich 18.04.2017: In his presentation at a recent conference of the German Bundesverband Industrie Kommunikation, Dr. Dirk Schachtner, Executive Officer of Consline AG, introduced Customer Voice Monitoring as an innovative form of market research to detect trends and risks early. The participants from the B-to-B and supplier sector got to know the extensive possibilities of Customer Voice Monitoring as a 360° radar for reliable product observation and communication tracking. Specific use cases on the development and marketing of new products, quick identification of quality issues and campaign tracking highlighted the benefits of monitoring for the B-to-B and supplier sector.