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München, 07.04.2020: Angesichts der aktuellen Herausforderungen durch die Corona Krise haben Aufsichtsrat und Vorstand der Consline AG beschlossen, die Methodik und das Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) führenden Instituten und den Gesundheitsministerien von Bund und Ländern kostenlos zur Verfügung zu stellen.

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Munich, 03-09-2020: Based on its long-time experience with the analysis of unstructured quality data, Consline AG has extended its Customer Insights Management System (CIMS) in the now released version 6.0 to a platform for the integrated use of all customer feedback channels.

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Consline AG extends its Customer Insights Management System (CIMS) to all customer feedback channels: Customer experiences from social media, apps, complaint/warranty cases, market research studies and other sources are presented within one system in a condensed and comparable way. Thus, all content is ready for user-friendly qualitative and quantitative insights analyses.

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The German automotive magazine Automobilwoche describes how we at Consline use Artificial Intelligence to make our quality reports based on customer opinions online even more precise.

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The OEMs navigation systems are not well received by customers. Our study shows that 85 Percent of customers rate the navigation functions negatively. And a result that is particularly explosive for manufacturers: 84 Percent of Users prefer navigation functions of apps, such as Google or Waze.

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Informing yourself online before making the decision to buy a product has become more and more the norm in past years. No surprise, this development spreads into the health sector as well. The most sold products in German pharmacies are over the counter cold medications. For this reason, the Web- and Social Media Monitoring experts at Consline AG took a look at online discussion about 78 different cold medications between November 2013 and October 2014.

The results of their analysis were surprising as well as clear: Only one Percent of the posts are concerned with product prices. Instead the comments and suggestions focused on experiences with and effectiveness of products.

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