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Differentiation by quality and price is getting more and more difficult for OEMs as those base factors are more or less the same within the competitive landscape. Therefore After Sales Service is getting even more important in the last years. By focusing on customers in After Sales Service, companies can directly influence their positioning towards customers and increase loyalty and long-term customer relationships. But being successful in After Sales Service in the long run means answering basic questions and difining a sustainable strategy in After Sales business – all based on up-to-date Service-Portfolio and custoemr centric business models.

Consline had a speaker slot at the 2015 After Sales Conference and presentes Customer Voice Monitoring as a key to true custoemr insights leading to direct improvement in product and service development.

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A prerequisite for a successful product concept is the most complete understanding of what the customer currently moves and their wants and needs are. Customer Voice Monitoring (CVM) combines Open Innovation with Big Data. Doing so CVM allows carmakers or other producers of high-involvement goods to develop products based on direct customer feedback from real usage scenarios. The British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) prioritizes actual topics from his customer’s point of view and relies on customer voices from the internet for the development of the next generation of driver assistance systems. The worldwide monitoring of customer voices provides innovation potentials same as direct feedback on product and service quality.

Dr. Felix Pütz, Head of Business Development, Consline AG; Dr. Heinz van Deelen, CEO, Consline AG; Sergio Brito, Director Quality Assurance, Jaguar Land Rover (Authors)

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Car sales have nearly doubled in the last 20 years, while diversity of models and configurations have multiplied complexity for car manufacturers. Automotive OEMs try to fulfill customer expectations concerning Design, Equipment, Performance or Image as good as they can, but most of them are lacking a fast feedback if the new model really fits the market and customer needs. In order to gain valuable authentic feedback already in the critical phase of market launch, a Product Launch Monitoring is crucial …

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Major Automotive OEMs make use of authentic user-comments for Feedback in real-time and safe millions.

Speed and authenticity are essential when it comes to the identification of problems and things-gone-wrong in order to develop and roll out respective field-measures. The tight automotive market is the perfect examples for this need for fast and full information on product and service issues as recalls and scandals not only damage the image of the OEMs, but may cost millions. According to a study of the Center of Automotive Management 1.9 million cars were affected from recalls due to safety-relevant issues in the last year – as many as never before …

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Developing a good product requires to fully understand what excites customers and what their needs are. Today on the web aplenty of such customer wishes, needs and opinions are available.

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Laut DAK- und TK-Gesundheitsreport 2014 wird rund die Hälfte der 25- bis 39-jährigen einmal pro Jahr wegen einer Erkältungskrankheit behandelt. Die rezeptfrei erhältlichen Kombinationspräparate, die dafür üblicherweise eingesetzt werden, machen demenstsprechend einen wichtigen Teil des Gesamtumsatzes deutscher Apotheken aus. Read more…