Consline Intelligence Management System

Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS The web-based Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) in the current version 5.5 provides the integrated platform for all Consline services. The video on the right shows the essential features and functionalities of the CIMS in 3:40 minutes.



Complete coverage of all relevant messages - more than 95% guaranteed:

Consline wants to be judged by results. Being the only company to do so, we ensure the coverage and handling of at least 95% of the relevant content - based on the relevance criteria of the customer, of course.

Messages in original language and correct translation:

Our quality standards apply worldwide. To reach this goal, we employ native speakers from all over the world who continuously update sources and correctly translate and evaluate relevant messages under consideration of slang, irony and sarcasm.

Please read our whitepaper (german only) "Qualitätskriterien für Social-Media-/Web-Monitoring".



Breakdown of messages into single statements:

Messages often consist of several statements, e.g a commentary on the design of a product and another opinion on its function. We "break down" these messages and evaluate each of the single statements.

Categorization of single statements with tonality and relevance:

All relevant statements are being evaluated regarding tonality and relevance and precisely categorized using customer-specific categories.



Web-based solution featuring an intuitive multi-language user interface:

With the Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS), all messages and statements are available 24/7. The web-based cockpit solution provides a platform suitable for international multi-branch company groups due to its intuitive multi-language frontend.

Rights/roles system to represent brand, production and sales structures:

With a flexible rights/roles system, company structures are represented in the Consline Intelligence Management, and access as well as functionalities can be defined based on customer-specific criteria. This allows for a structure considering e.g. different brands, complex production networks or country organizations.

Comprehensive analysis tools up to comparisons on component and production site level:

State-of-the art online analysis tools allow users to strucurize data in order to compile and export diagrams and data tables per click.



Every CIMS is completely customer-specific and safe:

Each CIMS is being configuareted with regard to the customer's needs and all data, meassages and analysis are accesible for employees of the customer with respective rights only. This is the only way to ensure the required confidentiality, e.g. for product observation, the use of company-specific product, service and technology wordings and properties as well as a company-specific rights and roles management.

The category system is completely company-specific and flexible enough to include new products or subjects. In line with that, criteria for relevance evaluation are also customer-specific. Moreover, users can set up and save individual filter criteria for alerts.

Consline exclusively uses their own dedicated servers in certified computer centers in Germany. The safety and reliability of the CIMS was approved and certified by an independent institute during an application security test.