CIMS - Consline Intelligence Management System

As a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service solution (SaaS), the Consline Intelligence Management System (CIMS) combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) and Social Media Monitoring Tools. See Main Features and Features Comparison.

CIMS enables companies and research institutes to structure, code and analyse qualitative and quantitative data AI-based across all sources and formats.

Being an integrated system, CIMS offers individually configurable analysis dashboards, workflow sharing, real-time alerting, multilingualism as well as comfortable import and direct connection of data and web harvesting via corresponding APIs.

CIMS users are enabled to detect patterns in data structures quickly and reliably, to benchmark findings from independent information channels and sources, to implement early warning systems and thus help shape the data- and information-driven management.

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The scope of applications are manifold: From the detection of critical incidents through safety and security monitoring via the integrated analysis of studies and test series to an integrated worldwide quality management for companies. See Success Stories.

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