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Munich, 25.10.2019: While Lime received the best ratings in the first Consline study on user experiences with e-scooter sharing, this company has lost its initial bonus completely: With high prices, worse app usability and – as found out in the first study – vehicles with risk of injury, Lime now ranks behind Circ, Tier and Voi from the user’s point of view.

Please download the full press release of the study (German only).

(German only) München, 23.07.2019: Während Lime mit der besten App Usability überzeugt, liegt die Circ App mit Abstand hinten. Im Gegensatz zu den Rollern von Tier, Circ und Voi wird aber die Fahrzeugqualität bei Lime kritisiert.
Zu diesen Ergebnissen kommt die neue Quality Experience Studie der Consline AG nach dem ersten Nutzungsmonat in Deutschland. Ausgewertet wurden 707 Nutzeraussagen zu den führenden Sharing Anbietern in Online-Quellen. Untersucht wurden die Kriterien Registrierung, App Usability, Fahrzeugqualität, Verfügbarkeit und Preis.

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Top 10 OTC cold medications

Munich, April 2019: Patients find large differences in efficacy and side effects of cold medications; however, price and application hardly play a role. Consline has evaluated the TOP 10 OTC cold medications (most discussed in User Forums) for the new Quality Experience Index QXI. The patient experiences were categorized by efficacy, side effects, application, price and recommendation.

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Munich 12/12/2018. Consline AG has analyzed customer experiences with driver assistance systems in current premium models of the brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Evaluating the driving experiences published in online forums and social media in Germany, the study shows: Although there is an improvement compared with the results from a study in 2016, there is still considerable need for action.

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The OEMs navigation systems are not well received by customers. Our study shows that 85 Percent of customers rate the navigation functions negatively. And a result that is particularly explosive for manufacturers: 84 Percent of Users prefer navigation functions of apps, such as Google or Waze.

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results of Consline study about assisted driving

The study identifies and analyzes user posts in social media with concrete experiences with driver assistance systems of different car brands. Using this method, a multitude of experiences in different traffic and weather scenarios as well as use cases which can hardly, if at all, simulated with other techniques, such as test drives or queries. The benchmark study shows wide discrepancies in meeting customer expectations between driver assistance systems as well as between the solutions of each brand. Read more…