Product Safety & Quality Intelligence

Consline AG, founded in 1999, is pioneer in the area of AI-supported Big Data analyses. The Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) and Social Media Monitoring (SMM) Tools within a cloud-based solution.

As a universal BI, QDA and SMM platform, CIMS is useful for any qualitive and quantitative data from bigger Excel sheets over spread data bases to worldwide internet sources. As a focus application, CIMS is established as the market leading solution for multi channel product safety monitoring and quality analysis. 

CIMS 6.0 Highlights

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CIMS 6.0 Quantum Leaps

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Core Applications & Services

  • Reliable product monitoring

    Consline AG’s CIMS-based methodology is designed to meet the requirements of a compliant product safety observation and performance monitoring in the field

  • Quality analyses

    As an analysis platform integrating a multitude of data sources and structures, CIMS lifts quality analyses and pattern detection to a whole new level

  • Benchmarking

    CIMS is capable of directly benchmarking product and service performance from the customer’s point of view with competitors or state-of-the-art industries to learn from the best

Add-on services

  • CIMS user training

  • Dashboard setup

  • Reporting

  • Data source connection

  • AI-supported coding

  • Translation services

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