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We at Consline love to transform data to success stories. And systems which are fun to work with and generating motivating value. Our goal is the concretization of contentless buzz words like “Big Data” and “AI” by sustainable results for your business.

Consline AG, founded in 1999, is pioneer in the area of AI-supported Big Data analyses. The Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) and Social Media Monitoring (SMM) Tools within a cloud-based solution.

As a universal BI, QDA and SMM platform, CIMS is useful for any qualitive and quantitative data from bigger Excel sheets over spread data bases to worldwide internet sources. As a focus application, CIMS is established as the market leading solution for multi channel product safety monitoring and quality analysis. 

CIMS 6.0 Application Areas

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Success Story: Quality Management

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Core Applications & Services

  • Monitoring

    The CIMS interfaces enable automated monitoring or manual capturing of all sources and formats (databases, tables, internet, social media, text, images, audio, video). AI- and rule-based algorithms can handle the specific filtering and structuring of the input and thus create the basis for further information evaluation and analysis.
    Input examples are quality data, customer complaints, accident reports, courses of disease, side effects, suggestions for improvement, supplier risks, innovation ideas, competitor news, market incidents, research results, test reports etc.

  • Analysis

    Base on a case-specific category tree, the pre-filtered and structured input is categorized and evaluated with regard to relevance and impact. This can be supported by AI and rules as well. The evaluated information can be charted within the dashboard-based analysis platform integrated in the CIMS. A multitude of diagram types like heatmaps, geographical maps and cobweb plots allow for visualizations ready to be integrated in presentations.

  • Management

    Being a web-based, multi-lingual solution, international teams can cooperate via the CIMS without any installations. The individual rights and roles management enables the control of access, editing and analysis rights, and the workflow and sharing tools allow for the goal-oriented work organization and communication of the users.
    Our customers’ typical areas of application are: Product observation, quality management, benchmarking, complaint and goodwill management, product and service improvement, tracking of measures, supplier watch, covigilance tracking, ideas management and innovation planning.

Add-on services

  • CIMS user training

  • Dashboard setup

  • Reporting

  • Data source connection

  • AI-supported coding

  • Translation services

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