Product Safety & Quality Intelligence

Consline AG, founded in 1999, is pioneer in the area of AI-supported Big Data analyses. The Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) and Social Media Monitoring Tools within a cloud-based solution.

With the CIMS, Consline supports companies through a reliable product monitoring, quality analyses and benchmarking for the improvement of products and services. Additionally, Consline offers CIMS users trainings, setup of dashboards and reporting, connection of data sources as well as AI-supported coding and translations services.

CIMS enables the collaboration of international teams and offers individual as well as subject- or hierarchy-specific dashboards.

As a universal Data Intelligence Platform, CIMS is the cloud-based solution for qualitative and quantitative data analyses for companies of every size and scientific institutions.
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Leading companies trust in the
Consline Intelligence Management System

Consline had the chance to work with leading companies from different industries over the past years.
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