Product Safety & Quality Intelligence

Consline AG, founded in 1999, is pioneer in the area of AI-supported Big Data analyses. The Consline Intelligence Management System CIMS combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA) and Social Media Monitoring Tools within a cloud-based solution.

With the CIMS, Consline supports companies through 

  • Reliable product monitoring
  • Quality analyses and
  • Benchmarking

for the improvement of products and services.

Additionally, Consline offers

  • CIMS users trainings
  • Setup of dashboards
  • Reporting
  • Connection of data sources
  • AI-supported coding and
  • Translations services.
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CIMS enables the collaboration of international teams and offers individual as well as subject- or hierarchy-specific dashboards.

As a universal Data Intelligence Platform, CIMS is the cloud-based solution for qualitative and quantitative data analyses for companies of every size and scientific institutions. > > CIMS details and demo version

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