Information Intelligence – Data to Success

We at Consline love to transform data to success stories. And systems which are fun to work with and generating motivating value. Our goal is the concretization of contentless buzz words like “Big Data” and “AI” by sustainable results for your work.

Consline AG, founded in 1999, is pioneer in the area of AI-supported Knowledge Management and Big Data analyses. The Consline Intelligence Management System >CIMS® combines the capabilities of Business Intelligence (BI), Qualitative Data Analysis (QDA), Social Media Monitoring (SMM) and Virtual Data Rooms (VDR) within a cloud-based solution.

As a universal BI, QDA, SMM and VDR platform, CIMS fascinates with user-friendly >solutions for collection, monitoring and analysis of data and information from all sources and in all formats.

CIMS® Solutions

Add-on Services

  • CIMS user training

  • Dashboard setup

  • Reporting

  • Data source connection

  • AI-supported coding

  • Translation services

CIMS 6.0 Application Areas

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Success Stories Quality Management

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Add-on Services

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